Corepunk is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) currently in Alpha 2 testing. While it’s still under development, it offers a glimpse into a world brimming with potential, but also some rough edges. During our limited time on Alpha 2 did not find any major issues except the server stability. There were some exploits and bugs of course but that is expected in Alpha 2 stages. The biggest problem was the constant disconnects for most people. Looking beyond this and we have a nice overall game with great potential. (NPC dialogs rock)  

Reasons to Play Corepunk:

  • Action-Packed Combat: Corepunk ditches the traditional tab-targeting system for a more dynamic, skill-shot based combat similar to League of Legends. It feels fresh and exciting, with a focus on positioning and timing your attacks.
  • Open World Exploration: The world of Corepunk is vast and vibrant, with diverse landscapes to explore. You’ll encounter a variety of creatures, from whimsical critters to ferocious beasts.
  • Crafting and Customization: The game boasts a deep crafting system, allowing you to gather materials and forge your own gear, adding a layer of player agency.
  • Unique Questing: Corepunk throws out the quest-marker crutch. Quests often require players to decipher clues and explore to find their objectives, offering a more old-school, rewarding experience.

Reasons to Hold Off:

  • Early Access Grind: As with any Alpha, expect a grind. Gathering resources and levelling can feel slow, especially for solo players.
  • Limited Content: Alpha 2 offers a taste of the world, but features like high-level dungeons and endgame content are still under wraps.
  • Click-to-Move: Corepunk utilizes click-to-move instead of the traditional WASD movement system. This might feel clunky for some players used to action RPGs.
  • Repetitive Quests: While the lack of quest markers is refreshing, some early quests can feel like simple fetch-and-kill tasks.

Reviews and Platforms:

There aren’t official review scores yet due to the Alpha stage, but player reception is mixed. Some testers praise the innovative combat and world design, while others criticize the slow pace and click-to-move system.

Corepunk is currently only available for PC through the developer’s website (


Corepunk has the potential to be a fantastic MMORPG. The combat system is a breath of fresh air, and the world is brimming with potential. However, the Alpha stage means it’s a rough experience with limited content and a heavy grind. If you’re an MMORPG veteran comfortable with early access titles and enjoy a challenge, Corepunk might be worth checking out. But if you crave a polished experience with a vast amount of content readily available, it’s best to wait for the full release.


For now, Corepunk is a hard recommendation. It caters to a specific audience who enjoys the challenges and unknowns of early access development. If that describes you, dive in! Otherwise, keep an eye on Corepunk’s development and consider joining the adventure when it’s closer to launch.

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