Bastion is an award winning game, released on Steam on the 16th of August 2011. It is a game about discovering the secrets of the calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world in pieces. This is a game by no other than Supergiant Games which also have made transistor, pyre, and their latest and well known game Hades.

In Bastion, you will be able to experience the following features: action packed combat, hours of reactive narration, which delivers a deep story, stunning hand painted artwork, 10+ unique upgradable weapons, six powerful Bastion structures to discover. Additionally,  after you finish the storyline, you will be able to play new modes, such as New Game Plus and score attack which unlock, only if you finish the main story.

The controls are very fluent, easy to understand, you can play with a keyboard and mouse or with a gamepad. The combat is rewarding especially if you learn how to dodge and position yourself.

My favorite feature in the game is actually the narration, which happens both by telling you the story, explaining items and giving you directions. The narrator can also be very funny on the things that you do, or when you move your character around. This is a game that has received as always very high positive reviews.

It is an amazing game, you owe it to yourself to download and play this game. I’d like to take a moment in this post to tell you a little story. When I came across this game, it was during a Twitch stream that somebody said you haven’t played Bastion? you should really play it. I am really cautious when people suggest games because as you know I’m very weird about the games that I play, I don’t like what most people do.

I was a little bit worried about it and then they went forward and purchased the game on Steam as a gift for me. When I got the game I was a bit more worried because I felt the need and the pressure to actually play the game because it was given to me.

So when I started playing the game I went into the game with prejudice and being negative towards the game. Usually what happens when a person does that, he comes out playing a game with a negative review in the first couple of minutes. I was like what is this?I’ve seen the hand-drawn graphics. I don’t know, it just didn’t feel very right, but after a couple of minutes of playing, my negative prejudice was gone but I was still not into the game because the map was built as I was moving along, which is another of the excellent features of the game that i ended up liking a lot.

The angle of the map in some parts was weird, and it just didn’t feel right again. That is two minutes into the game. Five minutes into the game and all that is gone. Once you get used to the map and the movement, and you start understanding the world and the narrator is starting to kick in and you start enjoying the atmosphere that the game creates with the graphics, the music, the narrator and the gameplay itself, from 0/10 you instantly move to 9/10. And that is my review for this game! It is 9/10. A gem from 2011, from a company that’s been making this type of games for a very long time, including Hades. And like I said, You owe it to yourself to download this game and play it.

Bastion on Steam

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