Black Orc -> Fighta, Warboss, Butcha

The primary mechanic for Black Orcs is now Fightiness. Fightiness has a base of 0 and caps at 30. Offensive skills will generate Fightiness (listed on the tooltip) and getting hit by an ability that you do not block will lower your fightiness by 1.

The second component of this mechanic is an ability called Clobberin’ Time. This ability costs 25 Fightiness and applies a 10 second buff to you. For the duration of this buff, you will not gain Fightiness nor will you be able to block, and you will lose access to your one-handed weapon abilites. Clobberin’ Time enables the use of 2H abilities, which will use the weapon in your ranged slot, and these abilities have a different set of uses than the 1H ones.

Your non-weapon skills such as guard as well as some other things will still be available during Clobberin’ Time. The ability costs less than max mechanic that way you can have access to it and not be beholden to the randomness of blocking or not with a buffer of 5.

The reduction of the mechanic does not have an ICD but this is because only non blocked skills reduce it. This creates a situation where Black Orcs want a fair amount of block rating which falls under the fact that they have two shield based specs. Remember anyone can block even without a shield so the Butcha spec will still benefit from block. You cannot remove Clobberin’ Time, so you must choose when to activate that 10 second window wisely.

Da Boyz -> Big Un’, Arrer Boy, Big Waaagh!

Da Boyz use a mechanic called Psychic Energy, which is the latent magical energy found within a waaagh!. Psychic Energy base is at 0 with a max of 250. You will generate 2 per second. You will generate 8 anytime any groupmate within 100ft uses a basic attack.

Da Boyz will have abilities that cost Psychic Energy which are stronger than their abilities which cost action points.

Big Un’s are the mobile melee dps for greenskins, compared to the Black Orc -> Butcha which is a bruiser. Their Psychic Energy abilities are stronger melee abilities often times with additional effects or targets.

Arrer Boyz have a -30% accuracy penalty on all of their bow skills, but do not suffer range penalty modifers to damage for being a 65ft skill. Their bow skills are action point costs, while their melee skills require Psychic Energy. This means they can be capable melee fighters, but lack sustain in melee and would need to be at range for sustain damage.

Big Waaagh! magic damage is medium range, short cast nukes that cost psychic energy. Their melee skills cost action points, so they must move into melee when out of energy.

Goblin -> Squig Herder, Shoota, Squig Rider

Goblin mechanic is called Cowardice. Cowardice has a base of 0 and caps at 100. Cowardice is reduced at a rate of 1 per second and is increased by 5 whenever you are hit by a melee range ability. Whenever your Cowardice reaches 100, you will gain a debuff for 15 seconds that disables certain skills and trigger additional effects based on spec.

The melee component is very important, as ranged skills/spells will not trigger cowardice and neither will AoE skills that have a range past 10ft (which is most of them).

Squig Herders summon squigs and fight along side them in melee combat with their spears. Whenever they have high cowardice, all of their spear skills are disabled, and a movement spell is enabled. They will still be able to use their squig’s abilities.

Shootas are standard archers but they have melee skills that have charges for use. These melee skills become disabled and a movement spell is enabled if they become Cowards. In addition, their will lose accuracy but gain range.

Squig Riders are tanks whenever they are in squig form, but they cannot have their squig summoned. Whenever their Cowardice reaches 100, they explode backwards out of squig form, and their pet is summoned. Outside of squig form, they lose access to much of their tank toolkit, but gain access to pet abilities which have a different function.

Night Goblin -> Little Waaagh!, Stalker, Shroomancer

Night Goblins mechanic is called Paranoia. Paranoia has a base of 0 and a max of 30. Paranoia is reduced at a rate of 3 per second outside of combat. Paranoia applies negative effects to the caster at certain intervals based on its current value.

  • 0: None
  • 1 – 5: 1 every 15 seconds.
  • 6 – 10: 1 every 12 seconds.
  • 10 – 14: 1 every 10 seconds.
  • 15 – 19: 1 every 8 seconds.
  • 20 – 24: 1 every 5 seconds.
  • 25 – 29: 1 every 3 seconds.
  • 30 – 30: 1 every second.

Which negative effect is applied at random from the following list with each item having an equal chance.

  • Reduced Intelliegence
  • Reduced Willpower
  • Reduced Initiative
  • Reduced Agility
  • Reduced Critical Hit Rating
  • Reduced Potency
  • Reduced Accuracy
  • Reduced Block
  • Reduced Incoming Healing
  • Removes Inevitable and Unstoppable from you.

The only way Paranoia is increased is by an ability called Fungus Beer. This ability if off GCD, applies one of the negative effects, and causes your next ability to be Augmented at the cost of 2 Paranoia. Each specialization has their own methods of reducing Paranoia while in combat. But overall you should not expect to be able to spam Fungus Beer without consequence. Overall, this mechanic allows for Night Goblins to have burst effects but at the cost of their sustained as these debuffs begin to stack at high values of Paranoia.

Reference to the stage system for stacks of Paranoia.
“We are removing any confusion about what stacks in Interbellum. Any ability with the same name does not stack; outside of that everything stacks. So how are we going to handle people stacking several different strength sources from classes you say? Well now each of those types of effects actually will apply a +5/-5 buff/debuff. With the reduced version of this dispelling the enhanced version and vice versa. It works almost exactly the same as Pokemon’s stat enhancement system.
So multiple different abilities can apply stacks of enhanced strength onto a target and that buff will stack to 5. If you already have 5, new stacks just refresh. If an enemy applies reduced strength to you, you will drop to 4 stacks of enhanced strength. These effects will all have a 15 second duration and count as buffs/debuffs. This means that the number of dispel-able effects in the game will be significantly less. This should make general dispels more impactful.”

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