Bright Wizard -> Pyromancer, Arsonist, Battle Wizard

Bright Wizard mechanic is Combustion. Base is 0, max is 100. Your abilities will generate Combustion when they deal damage, listed on the tooltip. Some abilities cost Combustion. While at 90+ Combustion you will gain 8% outgoing damage.

Whenever you gain Combustion above 100, you will take Explosion damage with a 1 second internal cooldown. Other methods of taking explosion damage are not on internal cooldown. Explosion damage deals 21% SAP + 280 elemental damage to yourself. This means it scales off your offensive stats against your defensive stats.

Blast is a secondary mechanic for Bright Wizards applied by some abilities to your enemies. Blast is a debuff that lasts 4 seconds and stacks up to 10 times. At the end of the duration, the target takes 8% SAP + 40 corporeal damage to the target per stack.

For pyromancers, your combustion can be used for your mobility via instant casts and reducing cast times or it can be used to increase the power of your nukes. Blast is combined with your time-stamping abilities to create a potent combination. But blast takes longer to stack than the combo lasts, so you can string together smaller combos more often or go for larger ones less often.

For arsonists, your combustion is used to power your melee abilities. You can generate combustion by self exploding off GCD, or whenever your ranged DoT effects tick. As this specialization ducks into and out of melee combat, blast triggers often for them.

For battle wizards, combustion is used to power abilities such as cleanses and debuffs. Their blast effects apply bonuses to allies and detriments to enemies.

Swordsman -> Witch Hunter, Free Company, Outrider

Swordsman use the Accusation mechanic. Accusations are applied to the target instead of the caster, last 20 seconds and stack up to 5 times. Each swordsman ability will apply a certain number of accusations to each target they hit, meaning that dodges will cause the target to not get accusation.

Executes are still the secondary mechanic. Executes no longer scale with the number of Accusations on the target; they always do maximum effect and are significantly better than all your other abilities. Executes cost 150 action points and have no cooldown; but this cost is reduced by 20% for each Accusation point on the target becoming free at 5. This means you can toss them back to back if you have the AP needed to do so, such as doing a free one into 2 costing ones if you have 300 AP.

Since Accusations are applied on a per-target basis, you can chain Executes off of different targets if you have applied Accusations to multiple targets.

Squire -> Captain, Order of Glinting Steel, Knight of the Blazing Sun

Squire mechanic is called Mandate. Mandate has a base of 0 and a cap of 100. You gain 1 Mandate per second. You will lose 2 mandate whenever you take direct damage with a 1 second internal cooldown. These are the base values and they can be changed by abilities, tactics, and passives within each specialization.

Secondary mechanic are auras. Each aura costs 35 Mandate and has no cooldown. Whenever you cast an aura, you will apply an 8 second duration blessing to every groupmate in range with a powerful effect. In addition, you will apply a 60 second duration enchantment to every groupmate within range with a lesser effect. In this system, you can re-use the same one over and over again for the powerful effect, or you can cycle different ones to stack different lesser effects to your party.

This is one of the only systems we have quasi-mirrored simply because only one side having access to the types of effects that auras could generate would be difficult to apply appropriate proxies and counters to without breaking balance in other areas.

Warrior Priest -> Silver Hammer, Anvil and Torch, Cleansing Flame

Warrior Priest mechanic is still Righteous Fury. Base is 0 with a max of 250. Abilities that cost action points generate righteous fury, listed on the tooltip; while other abilities consume righteous fury.

Secondary mechanic is called Shield of Faith with is a buff that absorbs 200 damage over 5 seconds. Each specialization can apply these alongside additional effects specific to that specialization.

Silver Hammers gain Righteous Fury through attacking in melee combat with their lifetap skills. They spend their Righteous Fury on ranged healing spells and prayers. This means that Silver Hammers only have a limited amount of time that they can be at range and be useful.

Anvil and Torch can gain Righteous Fury per second through a tactic as well as a channeled spell. This allows them to stay at ranged, but still have periods of down time. The spend their Righteous Fury on prayers, defensive buffs, and absorb spells.

Cleansing Flame generate Righteous Fury through attacking in melee combat with damage skills. They spend Righteous Fury on offensive prayers and on potent damage increasing windows.

Overall this means each specialization of Warrior Priest has periods of downtime related to their Righteous Fury mechanic.

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