Scenario Type: Tug of War
Size: 24 Vs 24
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Victory Conditions: 500 points
Scoring: 10 points per tick / flag, 2 points per kill. 


A 24 v. 24 scenario located in the heart of the city, this scenario involves capturing seven objectives scattered throughout the city. Initially, these objectives (Southern Embankment, Widow’s Walk, Center Grounds, the Promenade), once captured, would spawn cannons which start firing on the other capture points – hence, controlling more objectives focuses the artillery fire on the remaining objectives, making their defense that more difficult.

However, since release the scenario is now a simple Tug-of-War mechanic centered around Southern Praag, South Central Praag, Central Praag, North Central Praag, and Northern Praag. Once Central Praag is captured the next closest point previously owned by the opposing side will open up until all points are captured.

Designed around close combat in an urban setting, the terrain is mostly built-up city blocks chopped up by hastily-constructed barricades, with a park in the center of the map, and huge sections of burning and destroyed buildings in the vicinity of the cannon’s firing targets. Described as similar to the movie “A Bridge Too Far” (about Operation Market Garden during WWII), the Battle for Praag’s narrow twisted streets and house-to-house combat promises to be a highlight of the Empire v. Chaos battlefront. This Scenario is a true tug of WAR! Battle over single locations to push your front closer to the enemy base in an epic struggle in the streets of Praag!

Order and Destruction Strategies

There is only one strategy for this scenario, rush for the flag and capture it.

Once your team has it and holds it; move up to the next flag that becomes available for capture. Rinse and Repeat.

If you fail at the initial push, don’t worry there is still time and opportunities to turn this around.  If you don’t start out by capping the center flag and you start getting capped then defend your flags! If one gets severely overwhelmed fall back to the flag that will become available for capture next, regroup and reform to gain the advantage over the other team.

RvR Tip: It is essential to push as one this is a 24 Vs 24, thus easy to be over whelmed. Also keep an eye for the opportunity to sneak and steal any flag that is left un-guarded from the enemy due to over confidence.

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