Abbreviation Explanation Category
BG Black Guard – Dark Elf Tank Class
Mara Marauder – Chaos Melee DPS Class
WE Witch Elf – Dark Elf – Melee DPS Class
DOK Disciple of Khaine – Melee Healer Class
Blork Black Orc – Greenskin tank with shield Class
SH (mSH) Squig Hearder – Ranged / Melee DPS Class
SW Shadow Warrior – Ranged DPS Class
WL White Lion – Elf Melee DPS Class
AM Archmage – Elf Healer Class
SM Sword Master – Elf Tank Class
BW Bright Wizzard – Empire Ranged DPS Class
WH Witch Hnter – Empire Melee DPS Class
WP Warrior Priest – Empire Melee Healer Class
KOTBS Knight of the Blazing Sun – Empire Tank Class
RP Rune Priest – Dwarf Healer Class
IB Iron Breaker – Dwarf Tank Class
AAO Against All Odds – An indication of how much the enemy is out numbering you. At 100% the enemy forces are double from that you have. PVP
RR Renown Rank – PVP Level – Max 80 PVP
CR Carrier Rank or Level – Experience level – Max 40 PVE

Abbreviation Explanation Category
Fort Larger Keep – a Sc like siege with 300 people . Forts are the last map before a City Siege can start. PVP
RVR Realm Vs Realm (PVP) PVP
BO Battle Objective – Location for points or recourses in ORVR or SC PVP
Keep A castle with 1 or 2 door that each side has to defend or attack in order to win a map PVP
BO Black Orc – Greenskin Tank Class
Emblem SC Currency – multiple depending on level granting gear and weapons PVP
Medallion ORVR Currency – multiple depending on level granting gear and weapons PVP
Rsc Ranked Scenario PVP
WB Warband – 4 Groups of 6 people total 24 under 1 command PVP
Sc Scenario (Battlegrounds) PVP
ORVR Open Realm Vs Realm PVP
Lake Area / Map for PVP (RVR) PVP

Abbreviation Explanation Category
DW Dragonwake – Tier 4 Elf Map Maps
CW Chaos Wastes – Tier 4 Chaos Map Maps
TM Thunder Mountain – Tier 4 Dwarf Map Maps
TB The Badlands – Tier 2 Greenskin Map Maps
BV Bark Varr – Tier 2 Dwarf Map Maps
MB Mount Bloodhorn – Tier 1 Greenskin Map Maps
MOM Marshed of Madness – Tier 2 Greenskin Map Maps
TC Troll Country – Tier 2 Empire Map Maps
BC Black Crag – Tier 4 Dwarf Map Maps
HP High Pass – Tier 3 Empire Map Maps
BFP Black Fire Pass – Tier 3 Dwarf Map Maps
KV Kadrin Valey – Tier 4 Dwarf Map Maps

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