” Norsemen are universally powerful – gifted with ferocity and strength at arms. Believing themselves to be closest to the gods, they flock to the banners of the great Chaos Champions in the hopes of proving themselves worthy of favor. These brutal Norse warriors are the Marauders.”

Class Information

Archetype: Melee DPS / Offensive Support / Non – Standard Tank


Class Details: An offensive brawler, Marauders are all about getting face to face with their opponents and pounding them into dust. Marauders rely on choosing the proper mutation for the situation at hand, and each mutation unlocks additional special abilities that have their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you happen to find a Marauder in their unchanged form, thank Sigmar for the blessing and attack them immediately. Marauders are warrior-born and make intimidating opponents even without the hand of Tzeentch intervening, but your chances of defeating them are greatly reduced if they have time to mutate before an attack. Once changed, learn to recognize the various (and repulsive) mutations that have overtaken the Marauder, as these will be important clues as to what additional gifts the Lord of Change has granted this particular warrior.



Hard Specialisations

Bloodreavers (Khorne)

Bloodreavers (Khorne) are highly-mobile burst melee DPS. They dual-wield axes.



Nurgle are offensive supports which erode the enemies defenses. They dual-wield hammers.


Bladebringers (Slaanesh)

Bladebringers (Slaanesh) are non-standard tanks with high mobility. They dual wield swords.


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