A nice game, a good experience. An atmospheric vehicle adventure that follows the emotional journey of a boy and his ship as he embarks on a voyage to find a new home.

Good graphics, smooth game play, amazing music background. This game will make you “travel” without having to struggle. This game provides you a journey to complete and solve some easy puzzles thus not making you over think or struggle, just play and enjoy the journey.

Its been a while since we found a game that was “simple”, enjoyable and fun. I am glad i played this game. I am a bit sad that this was game number 2. Now I really want to play the first on FAR: Lone Sails. As most of you know somehow here on FixxerTV we end up playing most game in a reverse order. No matter, WE still play them.

This game has so far received Vey positive reviews on steam and its getting one more from me. Over all this game is 8/10 for me and now I am looking forward playing FAR: Lone sails.


Epic Games: FAR: Lone Sails  FAR: Changing Tides  Check out code “FIXXERTV”

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