Aliens: Fireteam Elite  is a cooperative third-person survival shooter released on the 24th of August 2021 and we had the pleasure of playing it on twitch stream live. On Steam it has very positive reviews up to the date of this article. The game features five different classes: Gunner, Demolisher, Technician Doc and Recon.  Each class has its own weapons and unique skills. As you level up you can unlock more common skills and core skills that you can use between the different classes.

The game has multiple campaigns in different parts of the story line. Which you always play as a co-op game. If you have no one to play with you in real life you can always play with two bots accompanying you in every single map that you play.

There are plenty of different difficulties you can play the game from easy to insane.  There is also an Infinity wave mode for those that like to play more of its survival mode and see how far they can go without dying.

The entire gameplay is approximately 8 to 10 hours, completing the campaigns on normal  difficulty. The game is fun to play especially when you play with a friend. Playing with the bots can be a little bit of a problem as the AI gets worse as the difficulty goes up and you can depend on the bots even less.

The game claims that you can utilize an extensive arsenal of 30 plus weapons and 70 plus mods attachments in order to eradicate the alien threat. This may be true if you combined the weapons that all the classes together can use. I personally played a technician and ended up finishing the campaign with a maximum of six weapons.

The game does have some other features which they need to be mention such as when you start the game you have a variety of cards you can use to modify the game a little bit like add more XP gains,  add more damage, less HP, faster reload, slower reload, faster recharge of your skill,s and so on and so forth in order to make it a little bit different. Cards can be purchased in the in-game store with in-game currency. Another good feature of the game is definitely the atmosphere they designed, the characters, the weapons, the music, it really fits the game very well and overall you get this alien experience and vibe from the movies.

After completing the campaign with a friend of mine and one bot. I really don’t feel the need to go back and keep grinding for more weapons or Cosmetics as the game Simon house seems to have lost its fun and appeal to me. A lot of people ask me on Twitch when I streamed the game where this game is worth 40 euros. The answer to this question is no. I don’t believe it’s worth 40 euros. I would say maybe 20 -25 as I feel most people will just play this on normal difficulty, complete the compains then maybe give it a try at the horde mode or one more difficulty higher and then just give up. It is a fact that a lot of people don’t play with real life people. They enjoyed playing games alone even when we talk about MMORPGs were the main concept is to play with other people.

There is meant to be more updates coming out, but to be honest I don’t know how these updates are going to help make this game more appealing to me or anyone else that has played the game. There are a few bugs in the game and the most annoying one I found was the fact that if you run out of bullets and you pick up bullets the guns do not automatically reload and you have to do it manually.

It is definitely a good game to have fun in one afternoon as most of us play six to eight hours a day especially streamers but beyond that I think it comes down to personal decisions to see if they’d like to keep grinding for different colors on the weapons and things like that. For me this game takes a hard 5/10  because it’s 8 hours of gameplay. After that it is not appealing to continue grinding, I don’t really have the ability to play solo, some graphical glitches, the reload glitches e.t.c.

Finally I would like to say as a comparison, that somehow this game doesn’t make me want to go back and regrind the same way outriders did. And I did play the outriders in co-op mode 90% of the time that I played that game.


Aliens: Fireteam Elite on Steam

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