“Cultists are among the most devout of the followers of the gods of Chaos, and as such it is they who are called upon to convey the will of the powers to their minions. I They are not the subtle cultist, but the zealous preachers, and they offer open obedience to their dark masters.”

Class Information

Archetype: Healer / Defensive Support / DPS


Class Details: A ranged support career specializing in Dark Rituals, Cultists mark their allies using the dark arts. Theses Marks bolster their allies and give them access to additional powers granted by the God of Chaos. In addition, Cultists can use rituals to warp the magical energies around them to sap the strength from their opponents. 

As a Cultist, your task is a complex one. You must prepare your allies for battle, and see that their Marks are set or re-set according to their shifting needs. You must also think offensively, for it is through your use of Harbingers which you are able to both effectively support and magnify the power of your allies, and crush the strength of your enemy. As a spell caster, you must be cautious, but because of your interlinked abilities, you must not be too conservative. If you hold back too much, or try to focus on only one aspect of your powers, all your abilities will be less than they could be.


zealot 2

Hard Specialisations

Zealots (Tzeentch)

Zealots (Tzeentch) are ranged healers than transfer their health to their allies and drain it from their enemies. They equip ritual daggers and fetishes.


​Hedons (Slaanesh)

​Hedons (Slaanesh) are defensive supports which spread corruption effects among their allies. They equip swords and fetishes.


Slaughterpriests (Khorne)

Slaughterpriests (Khorne) are sustain damage hybrid range magical dps that favor melee and revel in the blood of the enemies. They equip axes and fetishes.


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