Location: Chaos Wastes | Ranks: 33–40 | Type: Realm-Instanced | Grade: 4 | Key Loot: Bloodlord Armor and Weapons

Erected by the malicious will of the Lord of Skulls, the Bastion Stair towers over a twisted and torn landscape, walls stained red with the blood of countless sacrifices. Stairs never meant for human feet climb toward burning skies where the vague outline of the Bastion itself can barely be seen, and beyond, the faint flickering light of the Rift of Rage. For it is the rift itself that draws both Order and Destruction to this place, a source of Chaos power with which the servants of Tzeentch could remake the world in the twisted image of their dark god… if the defenders of the Empire cannot find some way to close the portal first.


This segment of the Bastion Stair is occupied by the Bloodherd tribe of Beastmen, a Khornite clan kept under some sort of control by the Blood Trolls and Bloodbeast watching over them in the Nine Skulls Trench. Three nearby holding pens contain mortal captives of the Bloodherd, awaiting sacrifice (or rescue). Accessible from the Nine Skulls Trench room is the Tainted Herdstone, which the Blood Trolls have blocked off from the rest of the Bloodherd, to prevent a Beastman frenzy from erupting. Here the Doombull, Thar’Ignan, waits for foolish mortals to
enter and be destroyed.


This segment of the Bastion Stair is occupied primarily by mortal Khornites, human warriors of the Blood God, set against each other in constant training for war and sportive killing. Daemons come here to spar with each other, and with the best of the mortals. The reigning Mortal Champion of Khorne, Lord Slaurith, once the commander of the Empire expedition to conquer the Bastion Stair, looks over the Arena of Fury as dozens of gladiators test their mettle in seemingly endless hostilities. This area also was where the bulk of the Altdorf Grey Lancers Regiment was battled, cornered, and annihilated by Khornite adversaries. Dozens of these dead elite soldiers are strewn about in the Path of Fury, constant reminders of the danger of the Bastion Stair.


The Steps of Ruin proceed to the highest reachable location within the Bastion Stair, the Portal of Rage. Before one can get there, however, they must first overcome the many challenges
and obstacles of the Fortress of Brass, a portion of the Bastion Stair where the deadly Brass Legion of daemons maintains a firm grip on the approaches to the Realm of Khorne.


The Portal of Rage is Khorne’s own access portal to the Chaos dimension. The Blood God forbids any but Khornites to approach this place. None are meant to interfere with the portal in
any way, yet both the Empire and the Raven Host of Tchar’zanek are interested in doing just that. By securing a Holy Relic of the Empire and placing it upon the Portal Altar, the magic winds
emanating from the Portal can be greatly reduced (for the benefit of the cause of Order). By securing a vile artifact of Chaos and placing it upon the Portal Altar, the magic winds can be increased
(for the benefit of the Raven Host).Regardless of which side tampers with the Portal Altar, and for what purpose, a Bloodthirster named Spineripper will pop out of the Portal of Rage portal and attempt to eviscerate and destroy *anyone* who doesn’t belong here (be they followers of Sigmar, Tzeentch, or allies thereof). Subduing the Bloodthirster will be very difficult, unless adventurers have managed to learn the True Name of the Bloodthirster and can assemble his name in Chaos Runes within a niche somewhere in the chamber.


Cleave :This is a frontal arc damage ability.
Stomp :This is a PBAE damage ability
Spine Shot: This is a random target ability for ranged damage.
Terror :No one can rez within 5000 units of this monster when it is in combat.

Borzhar Rageborn

Enraged Blow: A single-target, high-damage hit.
Banner of Bloodlust: As long as the Banner of Bloodlust is up, Borzhar will charge at a new target and should stay locked on the target for a medium duration before charging
at a new target. Players can destroy the banner which will prevent him from using this charge anymore.
Banner of the Bloodherd: As long as the Banner of the Bloodherd is up, Bloodherd Gors will rally to Borzhar’s side. To stop the reinforcement, players must destroy the Banner of
the Bloodherd.

Gahlvorh Darkrage

Energy Flux: Every 15 seconds Gahlvoth Darkrage will summon a lightning font on a random player. This font will last for 60 seconds and deal a great amount of damage to anyone standing in it.
Thundering Blow: This is a single target melee hit.

Zekaraz the Bloodcaller

Taunt Immunity: Clawfang cannot be taunted.
Ardent Breath: Channeled breath of flame that applies damage over time.
Auxiliary Empathy: At all times during the fight, Doomspike’s health must remain close to that of Clawfang’s. If they stray too far apart their damage is increased by 100%.



Return of Reckoning is constantly updated and to maintain its originality as well as to provide new challenges to the player. If some of the above information is changed please let us know to adjust it. We try and keep it as updated as possible!

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