Terms and Conditions

  1. All items are as given.
  2. Quality may vary in items.
  3. Most prices are either to cover subscriptions and software used to convert or change the format of the “product” for better presentation or acquisition or they are for hours spend in configuration. There are products here that are made with free software and addons. For those the price is for hours spend configuring the end result.
  4. All “products” are sold as services and not items. i.e ROR UI all components are free online, the price relates to the 50 hours of configuration.
  5. I have no obligation to provide further assistance beyond installation.
  6. If there are problems with installation I will provide help via chat or discord voice chat.
  7. Updates maybe required since things change you are responsible to update. I can not be held liable if server status changes and some addons not working properly. I don’t make addons or UI. I only configure them.
  8. All transactions are final for digital products. No refunds.
  9. IF any intellectual or copyright issues arise you can contact fixxerironforge@gmail.com and it will be removed immediately.
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